FASTCARD Making payments simple

Tap to pay with FASTCARD. It's digital wallet-compatible and there are no annual fees.

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Pay on the go

Pay on the move either with your personalised card, or with your digital version in Apple or Android Pay. Digital FASTCARD's can be added to your wallet in seconds, and can be used in any contactless taxi payment terminal.

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Better receipt management

Forget end-of-month paperwork and paper receipts, all trip and usage details are automatically sent to your email, and you can login to Cabcharge+ to access them anytime.


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How it works

Step 1
Step 1

Your team needs a streamlined payment solution for corporate travel.

Step 2
Step 2

Send a FASTCARD through mail or digitally via email or phone in seconds through Cabcharge+

Step 3
Step 3

Passenger receives physical FASTCARD or downloads the Digital FASTCARD to their smartphone.

Step 4
Step 4

All expenses tracked in CABCHARGE+ including trip tags and itemised costs.

Manage it all with CABCHARGE+

Take control of travel expense management. Cabcharge offers a suite of automated payment solutions, as well as an online portal to give you visibility and seamless expense management. 

You'll see fare breakdowns, trip data and maps, and can set your own rules with tags and travel allowances. Our online portal makes it easier for your team to keep moving, without the messy papertrail.  

CABCHARGE+ is your easy to use, one-stop shop.

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Looks clean, easy to use and gets straight to the point – love it!

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Chat with our team today

Learn how FASTCARD and our Digital FASTCARD can improve your travel expense management process. Combined with our reporting and automatic reconciliation features, there is no other solution on the market that competes with our payment solutions. 

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Apply for a Cabcharge account today to start using FASTCARD.

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