Flexible payments, customised for you

A totally customised payment solution with features built for frequent travellers 

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It's more than a payment solution. It's a better way to do business. 

Issue FASTCARDs for anyone that travels frequently. Customise your rules and trip limits with each card. Manage your data, travel activity and issue cards in one place. With FASTCARD, you have all the flexbility you need to keep your business moving.


Digital wallet compatible with configurable spend limits

You and your team can start using Digital FASTCARD in seconds.

  • Set weekly, monthly and yearly spending limits
  • Instantly issue or cancel cards
  • Set card activation for a future date
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Built-in chip for tap and go with trip limits and daily time controls

FASTCARDS are your payment solution for total control.

  • Set individual trip spend limits
  • Set daily usage rules
  • Set start and finish times
Meet your new travel management solution

Manage everything in Cabcharge+

Cabcharge+ is your portal to streamlined travel management. Order FASTCARDs for your team directly in Cabcharge+, monitor travel activity, and download monthly settlements all in one place.

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Dive into your data

Cabcharge+ has all the data you need

Access itemised receipts, track cost codes and trip tags and monitor product usage. Managing FASTCARDs in Cabcharge+ offers a more organised way to manage your travel.

Connect your tools

Integrate Cabcharge+ with your platforms

Easily access Cabcharge+ travel activity data in your internal systems by connecting to our API. With custom integrations available, your team will have better visibility into team travel than ever.

"We are very satisfied with the services Cabcharge+ provides using the digital Platforms. We've found it really useful and beneficial to business with detailed status updates for each team member's travel and a full breakdown of costs incurred for each trip"


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