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The safety of the community is critical. Here's our approach to keeping essential travel safe.

We offered $200,000 in travel vouchers

Lockdown restrictions on states has been challenging for many people, and it's taken a financial toll on families and workers. That's why we offered $200,000 in travel vouchers until 9 October 2021. Anyone based in NSW that needed assistance to get to their appointment were eligible to receive a $50 travel voucher. Within 24 hours of their appointment, the recipients received a smartphone compatible taxi voucher that could be added to their phone in seconds.  

Only travel when necessary

It's been a challenging time for many of us, with snap-lockdowns being announced as a new way of life. It's recommended to stay home whenever possible, especially if you're feeling unwell or sick. Distancing from others is critical to stop the spread of the infection, however there are essential workers that need to travel to ensure we have access to healthcare, critical utilities and everyday groceries. It's important that those who need to travel have access to safe travel options.

The team is fully vaccinated 

Cabcharge is part of the A2B Australia group and A2B has a company wide policy that all employees must have had theiir first dose of the coronavirus vaccine by 22 October 2021. 

Cabcharge is open, safely

The Cabcharge team is still available for you to contact during lockdown within business hours from Monday to Friday.

We’re taking all necessary precautions to keep the community safe, with those team members that work from our Sydney office, wearing in-door masks and adhering to the physical distancing rule. We've also given team members that need to travel Digital Fastcards to ensure they can travel safely to work.

Supporting health initiatives

Safe travel to healthcare is essential for Australians. We are committed to working with community groups and government departments to ensure those who need to travel have cashless and contactless payments. We work with those who rely on the NDIS to travel, as well as providing assistance for those who need to get to their vaccination appointments to keep the community safe when they need access to healthcare professionals.

Keeping taxi travel safe

Cabcharge products are compatible with majority of taxi networks across Australia. We're committed to ensuring the safety of both taxi drivers and passengers during this time. The Cabcharge team actively works with our affiliated taxi networks to ensure each vehicle is sanitised after each trip, and that hand sanitisation products are offered in every car.

Not just a taxi solution

Cabcharge products also support non-taxi travel initiatives, and can be used for services including 13things – a delivery service run by 13cabs. For those most vulnerable in the community, and areas experiencing higher rates of infection, we integrate with 13things to ensure you can pay for deliveries with your Digital Fastcard or Digital Pass.

Health and safety tips

We want to remind everyone that although travel in certain circumstances is essential, it's important to stay home and avoid contact with others if you're feeling unwell. It's important to wash your hands, carry hand sanitiser and a mask at all times, and avoid coughing or sneezing openly when you're in public.

Safety for passengers

In certain states, it's now essential to wear a mask and check-in to taxis. It's recommended to stay at home wherever possible, and is even more essential if you're feeling sick. Staying at home when you're unwell ensures there's travel available for those who need to travel at the time they need access to transport.

When traveling:

  • Wear a mask and sanitise your hands
  • Check-in if required
  • Open your windows to ensure air ventilation
  • Sit in the back left sit

Safety for drivers

It's essential for drivers to stay at home if they're feeling sick. With contact with multiple people between rides, it makes it easier to spread infections within the community.

When driving:

  • Ensure you sanitise your vehicle with alcohol wipes after each ride
  • Wash your hands and wear a mask
  • Keep your windows open
  • Ask you passengers to keep their distance

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