Cabcharge makes managing travel expenses easy, with all the tools you need in one place.

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From high-volume travel to the occasional trip, make your taxi payments simple.
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Manage travel with CABCHARGE+

Our online portal gives you greater cost control and admin efficiencies.
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Why use Cabcharge?

Simple, secure tap-and-go
Simple, secure tap-and-go

Travel is efficient and easy with seamless digital payments.

Streamline office admin
Streamline office admin

Receive electronic receipts straight to your account.

24/7 benefits
24/7 benefits

Give your team the payment solutions they need, when they need it.

"The Cabcharge Card service is a continuation of our specialised service including hoist access, wheelchairs etc and our clients could not be happier with the Cabcharge Community Card."


45 years
Moving our community

Cabcharge supports the taxi industry through communication and services.

Yearly rides

Cabcharge has Australia’s largest affiliated taxi fleet.

Preferred choice ASX 200

As market leader, we service the majority of ASX 200 companies.

The easiest way to manage your travel CABCHARGE+

Our online portal is simple to use and FREE for all Cabcharge account holders.

Key benefits:
  • Manage costs quickly and easily in your account portal
  • Instant receipts uploaded straight to your account
  • Secure, multi-user account access
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Where you can use Cabcharge

Silver Service
Black & White Cabs
Legion Cabs
Maxi Taxi
Act Taxis
RSL Cabs
St George Cabs
Silver Top
Cairns Taxis
Suncoast Cabs
Swan Taxis
Suburban Taxis
Geelong Taxi

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