Cabcharge products are now compatible with the 13cabs app to bring you in-app taxi bookings

18 October 2021
Cabcharge products are now compatible with the 13cabs app to bring you in-app taxi bookings
Our loved Digital Fastcard and Digital Pass products have been accessible in digital wallets on iPhones and Android phones for over three years now, but we're excited to announce you have even more payment options to choose from with our latest product enhancement.  

13cabs is Australia's largest taxi network, with a fleet of over 10,000 cabs on the road. Their app provides instant access to taxis, or the ability to schedule one for later, as well as real-time tracking and trip saving features. Our new product enhancement and compatibility with the 13cabs app is the perfect complement to Cabcharge's digital product suite.  

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for business travel, this is for you. If you've received a new Digital Fastcard of Digital Pass since the 27 July 2021, all you have to do is follow the 13cabs app link to add your Cabcharge product as a new payment method.

Already have a Digital Fastcard or Digital Pass? No stress! Click on the details section on Android phones and info section on iPhones, click on the link and add your card to the 13cabs app in seconds. 

Building you better business travel experiences.

Cabcharge has been enabling seamless business travel in Australia for 45 years, and we are continuing to revolutionise the way you access and pay for business trips.  

13cabs has rigorous sanitisation and hygiene practices, ensuring each vehicle has hand sanitiser and cleaning products, and is thoroughly cleaned after each trip.

The last two years has been particularly hard on businesses though, with both restrictions placed on international and national travel since the pandemic, and in-person communication has shifted to virtual meetings. We're looking forward to a return to business as usual, and hope this partnership with 13cabs can help aid the quick return of business travel.

It's important for all our customers to have access to fast, safe taxi travel, and along with our new ability to use Cabcharge products with the 13cabs app, we are constantly working on new products that improve both the efficiency and safety of business travel. 
Building you better business travel experiences. Image

4 easy steps to get started

In a few simple steps, you could be booking or scheduling your next taxi using yourwith Cabcharge digital product as your preferred payment method:

Step 1.
Download or update your 13cabs app to the latest version.

Step 2.
Add your newly issued Cabcharge digital card to your app as a payment method (links in your email or SMS when you receive a new card will link you directly to it!).

Step 3.
Ensure you select your Cabcharge digital card as your preferred in-app payment method.

Step 4.
Start booking, tracking, and rating your travel all in one place. Don't worry, you'll still receive itemised email receipts, and you'll still have access to all your important travel information in Cabcharge+.