Not too long ago, Cabcharge Payments launched a suite of digital wallet compatible products to complement our chip-based, contactless range of payment solutions used by millions of Australians each year. We have clients that have used products including our eTICKETs for over 30 years, and a few years ago we created purely digital versions of our products to ensure we can help reduce environmental waste, but also offer products that can be accessed by travellers instantly.  

In just a few short years, our digital wallet-friendly products have become just as well-known as our chip-based cards, and with our latest feature enhancements, we can't wait to see how our next wave of products is received by the market. So, what exactly is this new feature enhancement we're so excited about? 

Today, Digital FASTCARDs can now give businesses with a limited travel budget better control over their spend as it now boasts functionality for you to add a spend limit to any card. You may be thinking, "but I thought there already was a trip limit on the card?" And that's correct! The new spending limit we've introduced provides weekly, monthly, yearly, or a one-off cap to the whole life of the card. See below for a brief breakdown of how it compares to our other products. 

Digital FASTCARD: Trip & card spending limits 

Digital FASTCARD can be issued and cancelled directly in Cabcharge+, and is one of our most customisable payment solutions. With a Digital FASTCARD you can: 

  • Set weekly, monthly, yearly or one-off spending limits on the life of the card 
  • Set fare spending limits 
  • Issue cards instantly and set them to activate for a future date 
  • Get trip data and trip activity in Cabcharge+ 
  • Use them with iPhone and Android digital wallets
Digital FASTCARD features Image

FASTCARD: Day & time usage controls 

If you still like the feel of having a chip-based card in your wallet, FASTCARD is the solution for you. Built with control in mind, FASTCARD offers: 

  • Individual trip spending limits 
  • Daily usage rules and time cut-offs 
  • Trip data and trip activity accessible in Cabcharge+ 
  • Tap and go contactless payments 

Getting started with Digital FASTCARD  

If you haven't already applied for an account with Cabcharge then you can sign up here.  

Once your account is approved, you'll receive your Cabcharge account number as well as a login to our online travel management platform Cabcharge+.  

Once you login to Cabcharge+, go to the menu in the top left, select inventory, and FASTCARD.  


After you select your traveller and add their contact details for the Digital FASTCARD, it's easy to add spending limits.  


If you want to add a fare spending limit without a card spending limit, simple go directly to the fare limit selection and proceed from there. 


From there, you can select whether or not you want your Digital FASTCARD to automatically renew, or simply turn it off if you don't want it to. Then you can add tags, select next, and review.  

It's that simple to get started with Digital FASTCARD. If you want to know more about our products and how to order them, head to our Help Centre for more detailed instructions.