Who We Are

Cabcharge is a key player in the digital payment market, developing Australia’s first Electronic Funds Transfer solution for taxis in 2008. Our payment software is now used by major banks, retailers and service providers.

For 40 years Cabcharge has driven the evolution of the taxi industry developing high tech communication networks with dispatch and logistical services. We also support taxi operators with vehicle leasing, loans, insurance, smash repairs and driver training.

We have the largest affiliated taxi fleet of 8,500 vehicles in Australia, including premium Silver Service cabs. We are consolidating our operations under a single national 13cabs brand and our 13cabs app is the leading taxi booking app in Australia.

An ASX company, Cabcharge is focused on strong growth in the personal transport and digital payment markets. Our vision is to be Australia’s leading personal transport business. We are driven to be the first choice for personal and corporate passengers and the preferred network and payment provider for drivers.


In a fast moving world, Cabcharge is committed to keeping your business mobile. We understand that a single travel solution can’t meet all your business needs. That’s why we created secure tap-and-go travel options that enable full control of your taxi use.

Our cloud based Cabcharge plus travel management solution gives you electronic trip information in real-time and fast access to ATO compliant receipts. It simplifies account management providing multiple users tailored access to your account and ensures effective travel compliance with optional pre-trip approval and capture of the trip purpose. Group-wide tracking, reporting and analysis provides deep insights into your travel spend.

As Australia’s leading payment provider for taxis, Cabcharge is accepted by 98% of cabs nationally.

The safety of your staff is assured in the highly regulated taxi industry with cameras in all vehicles. The travel experience has been personalised with drivers and passengers able to call each other, facilitating smooth pickups.

Your fares will not be subject to price surging during peak times. With access to bus lanes, taxis offer quicker journey times and over an extended period taxi costs can be comparable to rideshare.

Cabcharge takes pride in the critical role taxis play in the lives of those with disabilities and the aged in our community. On a daily basis cabs provide thousands of trips to these sectors, ensuring their mobility and independence.

At Cabcharge we are focused on delivering you high-level service outcomes and are skilled at forming collaborative client partnerships. As a market leader in taxi and hire car travel we service the majority of ASX 200 listed companies and Federal and State Government departments.