Account Closure

Please note that only Authorised Contacts can close accounts 

Cabcharge has recently released several product updates including Digital Products, complete trip visibility in Cabcharge Plus and Expense Management integration. Would you be interested to learn more before closing your account:

Reason for closing account:



Reinbursement of Deposit Bond:

In order to obtain reimbursement of the Deposit Bond held on the account, confirmation of Bank details is required.
For Cabcharge to remain compliant, one of the following forms of confirmation is acceptable:
•             a copy of a bank statement (remove all transaction details), or
•             a copy of a bank deposit slip.
The information provided must bear the BSB, account number and the name of the account as held with Cabcharge.


Conditions of Use:

I have read the Conditions of Use which I understand and agree to the requirements listed therein. Further, the account will not be considered closed until the date Cabcharge Payments Pty Ltd receives payment of the full amount owing and due on the account, together with a confirmation that all unused Account Dockets, eTICKETs and FASTCARDs issued to the account whic have now been destroyed (by cutting un pieces).