What is Cabcharge?

Cabcharge is Australia’s leading payment provider for taxis and is accepted by 98% of cabs nationally.

What are the benefits of having a Cabcharge account and using Cabcharge products?

Cabcharge has created secure tap-and-go travel options and a Gift Card that enable full control of your taxi use.

Our cloud based Cabcharge plus travel management solution gives you electronic trip information in real-time and fast access to ATO compliant receipts. It simplifies account management providing multiple users tailored access to your account and ensures effective travel compliance with optional pre-trip approval and capture of the trip purpose. Group-wide tracking, reporting and analysis provides deep insights into your travel spend.

How do I open a Cabcharge Account?

Apply for a Cabcharge Account by completing the Application form on the Cabcharge website

Is Cabcharge responsible for the transactions of other credit card and bank debit cards?

As with all credit card transactions, the transaction has occurred between the taxi company and the card provider via the Cabcharge payment
system installed in the taxi. Cabcharge must refer you to your financial institution or card provider to identify you as the cardholder. They can
investigate the particular charge(s) on your behalf. The financial institution or card provider is the only body able to investigate and adjust the
charges on the card used.

How do I know if the Taxi has facilities to support the use of Cabcharge payment solutions?

We can assure you that, wherever you see the Cabcharge payment system (which is fitted in approximately 98% of all taxis across Australia); the
taxi has the facilities to accept Cabcharge payment solutions.