For one-off trips.

FASTeTICKET is ideal for occasional staff travel to events and conferences or ensuring a safe trip home for workers late at night. You can use it to provide important visitors with transport to and from your office.

A single use e-ticket with tap-and-go payment.

FASTeTICKET is flexible with no financial or time use restrictions. It saves time and money with automated ATO approved receipts and to ensure control of its use, it can even be cancelled.

The single use FASTeTICKET is a flexible and transparent solution empowering you to make better business decisions.

is as simple as

Our seamless administration process means there is no need to chase staff for receipts. All trip information is added to your Cabcharge Plus portal including:

  • Trip cost including breakdown of tolls and charges
  • Map of travel route
  • Driver and network details
  • Time and location of pick up and drop off

Connecting you with people and places.

FASTeTICKET’s choice of booking options include by app, phone or for ultimate convenience, hailing a taxi on the street. With up to 70% of rides coming from hailed cabs, we have you covered, as we are the only taxi payment provider that includes kerbside pick-up.

Cabcharge Support Centre

Cabcharge Support Centre: Ensuring a quick response to enquiries

Hail a cab

Hail a cab: Cabcharge is the only taxi payment provider that covers kerbside pick-ups

Account management

Account management: Optimising business outcomes through tailored solutions

Insight: In-depth analysis of staff travel
Customisation: Optional in-built travel rules
Transparency: View trips in real time
Streamlined accounting: ATO approved emailed receipts

We strive to understand your business. Our Account Managers will develop a tailored solution with you that optimises your business outcomes. Our Australian support centre ensures a quick response to enquiries.