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Manage my account

How do I view or add Users?

To view and add users in Cabcharge+, including Custodians, Managers and Travellers to issue products too, simply login here and you can manage users. 

To add account managers to update your account details including changing your company address or cancel or order products, fill in their details here.

What is a Cabcharge account?

Your Cabcharge account is used to order products, including FASTCARD, Digital Pass and Community Card. As the leader in safe, easy travel for business or personal use, a Cabcharge account provides you and your team with access to multiple travel options and secure tap-and-go payment. Your Cabcharge account automates and streamlines the reconciliation process, with email receipts containing itemised trip details available to you in real time. Staff travel can be tracked and travel limits can be set based on your products.

Once your Cabcharge account has been approved, you will receive login details for CABCHARGE+, your free, online travel management portal.

What is a CABCHARGE+ account?

CABCHARGE+ is your one-stop shop to manage your Cabcharge account. Our online portal is FREE, simple to use and gives you complete visibility over travel by providing key usage insights for greater cost control and saving valuable time on admin.

Your CABCHARGE+ account allows you to view fare breakdowns, trip data, maps and monitor policy compliance by adding trip reasons and expense notes for each trip. Cabcharge Plus eliminates paper receipts and end-of-month paperwork, with all trip receipts and usage details uploaded directly to your account. CABCHARGE+ runs on a secure, multi-user system that allows multiple team members to access the account and products they need through your unique business login.

You can order our products, including FASTCARD, Digital Pass, and eTICKETs through CABCHARGE+. If you already have a Cabcharge account but don’t have access to CABCHARGE+ account, contact us here.

How do I check my travel spend?

Simply login to CABCHARGE+ to check your travel spend on eTickets, Digital Passes and Digital Fastcards, head to Travel Activity and select the billing period you'd like to track on the top right. For updates on your monthly spend on physical FASTCARD products, you’ll need to register to receive a monthly email. Contact us here to register to receive those emails. To check your balance on a Cabcharge Gift Card, visit this page

How do I order products?

You can order FASTCARDs, Digital FASTCARDs, Digital Passes and eTICKETs, and to set usage rules, such as fare limits, expiry dates and day and time of use directly in CABCHARGE+.

To order a Gift Card, simply log in with your account number to order. If you don’t have a Cabcharge account, simply order here. To order a Community Card, please contact our Client Services team

How do I update my details?

Cabcharge is committed to providing users with a seamless and convenient experience. Keeping your personal and financial details up to date helps us to do that.

To update your contact details, bank account, to request monthly statements or make any other changes, click here. We understand that teams sometimes change and you may need to add or edit an existing account administrator. To make changes to who can make changes to or access your account, click here.

How do I enquire about a completed trip?

If you have a question about a recent trip, such as cost or why you were charged certain fees, please collect the relevant trip information, including your receipt, and submit an enquiry here (be sure to have your Account number ready as you'll need to add it on the form). Receipts and trip data, including fare breakdowns, applied usage rules and maps, can be accessed via your CABCHARGE+ account.

Don’t have a CABCHARGE+ account? Collect any trip details you have, such as the receipt, and submit your enquiry here. Contact us if you’d like to add CABCHARGE+ to your account via so you have full visibility over your account and travel use.

How can I get help with my account?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to help ensure your experience with Cabcharge is as simple and seamless as possible. If you have read through our FAQs but still can’t find the answer to your query, please get in touch with our team here.

How do I report a card as lost or stolen?

Cabcharge offers both physical and digital cards and the process for reporting a card as lost as stolen will differ slightly depending on the card you have.

For Digital Passes and Digital Fastcards, you or the custodian of your account can login to Cabcharge+ to cancel the card automatically. 

For eTickets and physical Fastcards, fill in the card details here and our team will cancel the card as soon as possible for you. 

How do I check my Gift Card balance?

Gift Cards can be used for multiple trips without a Cabcharge account. If you want to keep track of how much is left on your Gift Card, visit this page, add in your gift card number, and the pin number that can be found on the back of your card. 

Apply for an account

How do I apply for a Cabcharge account?

Applying for a Cabcharge account is simple and can be completed online in approximately two minutes. If applying for a business account, your Australian Business Number (ABN) must be included with your application. If applying for a personal account, you’ll need to include 100 points of identification. 100 points of ID includes a mixture of primary and secondary documents. Primary documents include an Australian passport or citizenship certificate, while secondary documents include a current driver’s licence, Medicare card, Australian Visa or marriage certificate.

Submit your application.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive:

  • Email confirmation with information on how to order Cabcharge products
  • Login details for Cabcharge+

When applying for a Cabcharge account, your business information or credit history will be reviewed. Most applications will be approved automatically, but in some cases, we may contact you for further information

How long will it take for my account to be approved?

If you have applied for a business account and provided an accurate ABN, or if you applied for a personal account and you have provided 100 points of ID, your application will be approved automatically.

In rare cases, we may ask for more information to validate or verify your identification or business information. If this occurs, it may take up to five business days to complete your application.

Why did I receive a login for CABCHARGE+ when my application was approved?

When your Cabcharge account is approved, you will receive a login for our online portal, CABCHARGE+. This login will provide you with a secure portal with multi-user access to view your trip history, cost breakdown, digital receipts and to reconcile travel. CABCHARGE+ is also the easiest way to order your Cabcharge products and it is free for Cabcharge account holders.

The person who applied for the Cabcharge account may not be the same person ordering Cabcharge products. Our CABCHARGE+ portal makes it easy for everyone in your team to access the products they need via your unique business login.

Your CABCHARGE+ account portal saves valuable time on admin by enabling you to view receipts and usage details in one place and provides complete visibility over travel, including key usage insights, for greater cost control.

Why was my application rejected?

Applying for a Cabcharge account is similar to applying for a corporate or personal credit card. Our system runs background checks to ensure businesses aren’t insolvent or bankrupt before accounts are created, and we view credit history and verify identification details, which is why we ask you to provide 100 points of ID.

There are many reasons your Cabcharge account may have been rejected, including discrepancies or mistakes in your application. For example, there may have been an error in your online form or a recent change to your circumstances, such as your address or employment, which has made it difficult to verify your identity or personal information. We may also require further information from you, in order to complete the application. In these cases, we will contact you for further information to rectify these discrepancies. It can take up to five business days to complete your application review process.