New Account FAQ's

How long will it take to open an account?

Approximately 2 business days.

What fees are associated with an account?

  • A 5% service fee is charged on all transactions in every state or territory, excluding Tasmania where the fee is 10%.
  • Where there are no transactions received for a billing period, you will be charged a $6.00 Account Keeping Fee.
  • If the total taxi fares are $60 or less, the Account Keeping Fee will be the difference between $6 and the Service Fee charged.
  • The Account Keeping Fee of $6 will be waived for each Billing Period where the Taxi Fare total displayed on the Tax Invoice Statement is above $60.

Will you send the products right away?

Upon approval and establishment of your account you’ll be able to order Digital Passes, FASTCARDs and/or eTICKETs.

How will I receive my products?

Digital Passes can be issued instantly through Cabcharge Plus. Your FASTCARDs and/or eTICKETs will be delivered via standard post in 5 to 10 business days.

What is the difference between FASTCARDs and eTICKETs?

The multiple-use FASTCARD has been specially designed for people who travel regularly. The travellers name will appear against every trip

Single-use eTICKETs are perfect for infrequent travellers.

Is there a cost to issue products?

There is no cost for the issue of products.

How often will I receive my invoice/statement?

You will receive a Tax Invoice Statement for every 28-day Billing Period.

What are your payment terms?

Your account is due and payable in full within 28 days of the Tax Invoice Statement issue date. 

Will I receive details of each trip?

An itemised list of all FASTCARD, eTICKET and Digital Pass transactions will be sent on separate pages with each Tax Invoice Statement.

You can also download a complete breakdown of each trip including route maps, pick-up and drop-off locations, travellers names, cost codes and fare breakdowns including GST.

Do I need to supply any documents?

Yes, we may require additional supporting documents after reviewing your application.

What taxis accept Cabcharge?

Wherever you see the Cabcharge payment system (which is fitted in approximately 98% of all taxis across Australia); the taxi has the facilities to accept Cabcharge payment solutions.

Is Cabcharge registered with NDIS? 

Cabcharge is not required to be a registered service provider, as we are providing a payment solution, not a service. We have hundreds of organisations and individuals using NDIS funds to offset their taxi travel.

My client lives in a shared house and doesn’t drive. What other forms of ID do you accept?

A list of documents for our 100 point check will be provided after your application has been submitted.