Gateway Partner

Click here to download a PDF of the section 87B Undertaking. The Annexures to the 87B undertaking include copies of the Standard Payment
Processing Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement.


To connect to the Gateway, please follow the steps below.

1. Confidentiality Agreement and Engagement and Connectivity Guide

Print out 2 copies of the Confidentiality Agreement, complete your details, sign and date and return the 2 copies of the completed Confidentiality Agreement to Cabcharge via email to: Please also post the original signed copies to: Cabcharge Gateway Partners, PO Box 700, Paddington NSW 2021.

Cabcharge will sign the Confidentiality Agreements and return 1 copy to you along with an electronic copy of the Engagement and Connectivity Guide to your nominated email address.

If you require any additional information at this point in process, please contact Cabcharge using the details above.


2. Application Form

If you would like to proceed with the application process, please download and complete the Application Form. 

Cabcharge will provide written acknowledgement of receipt of your Application or seek additional information or clarification from you in order to enable it to consider your Application.

Once the additional information or clarification is received, Cabcharge will provide written acknowledgement of receipt of your completed Application.


3. Payment Processing Agreement

Once Cabcharge has accepted your Application, Cabcharge will enter into a Payment Processing Agreement with you. This is the Standard Payment Processing Agreement. If you would like to make amendments, please follow the process in the Undertaking.


If you consider that Cabcharge has unreasonably refused to commence, unreasonably delayed or unreasonably ceased negotiation, please provide Cabcharge with written notice via email to or by post to Cabcharge Gateway Partners, PO Box 700 Paddington NSW 2021. Cabcharge will deal with any complaint under the dispute resolution process set out in the Undertaking. For further information on the dispute resolution process please refer to the Undertaking.